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PROSPHYG™ 775 Series
At $28.75
(Regularly $35)
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Adult #775 / Child #775C / Lrg. Adult #775X
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PROSCOPE™ 670 Series
  • Black Enamel 300mmHg no pin stop manometer
  • Navy blue nylon cuff
  • Latex Inflation Bladder & Bulb
  • Chrome-plated deflation valve
  • Leatherette case
  • Diaphragm diameter 1 ¾ ”
  • Bell diameter ¾”
  • Non-chill bell ring & diaphragm for patient comfort
  • Weighs 3.5 oz
  • Overall length 32.5”

HEMOCCULT® Single Slides

100 Hemoccult® Single Slides
Two 15 mL Bottles of Developer
100 Applicators

Item # 0978-0601-51      MFR# 60151      PKG Box/100
$64.95 / Pkg.

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Flu season is upon us. We all need to take precautions by practicing good hand hygiene; i.e. frequent hand washing or using instant hand sanitizer when water is not available and receiving up to date immunizations. Hanna’s can provide you with all the products you may need to help you through this season. For more information on preventing the Flu visit the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or www.cdc.gov/flu/protect/habits.